Camera Imperfection Techniques to make your Render/Animation Beautiful.

I’m making this post as a way to start a discussion about the techniques one could use to make their animation or render seem as if it was taken by an actual camera and thus have imperfections of an actual camera. To start off, the more basic options anyone can use include camera shake and trail the camera. Basically, it means making sure your camera doesn’t instantaneously follow perfectly when something fast paced is happening and also make sure to add modifiers to the animation curves and mess around with them to get a shaky camera that picks up shakiness when it moves quickly and is very subtle about it when it is barely moving or not moving at all.

 In terms of compositing, you often find some of the more common ones to be motion blur or color grading. Both of these can be done with a very simple node setup. In regards to the color grading, you can use one simple node such as the color correction or color balance node in your setup to change things. More complex systems, however, will give you more control and thus allow you to do more so one node normally isn't exactly what you want. Further detailed explanations and more examples would be great for continuing this conversation going forward. Any input is welcomed.

I like putting things right in front of the camera and pumping up the DOF. The objects in front will be blurred out, but still add some of the light contribution.

render at 24fps
Despite that most camera’s can do a lot better these days, it might appeal to some as it reminds to older camera’s.

Also make sure to always render at 480p
because old cameras could only do 480p

add a lot of color noise too

  • In tab color management we can simulate a camera film. Color management > look.
    Few of my favorites are: Kodac Portra 400NC, Agfa advantix.
  • As mentioned DOF,
  • Eh sorry, but eh in compositor: Distort > Lens Distortion > Distortion and Dispersion. ( Note: it also blurs the render).
  • There are tutorials about light leaks by gleb alexandrov and other ways to mess up your render.
  • It is not camera simulation, but what about using Z-depth to de-saturate things that are far away.

480p = 640x480 and 29fps…
Well that is allready into the computer age
When they used film (laurel and hardy etc) they had no pixel limit, but frame rate limit due to (historical) audio limits

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