Camera issue

Hello, I am new this is my first post so hi.
Anywho im making a very simple game and am having problems with the camera.
I want the camera to follow my duck however when i parent it to the duck and play the game. When i move my duck foreward the camera also comes foreward but at a faster rate than the duck and if i keep moving forward the duck the camera eventually zooms in so far that it goes through my duck. I then decide that maybe i should just use logic to make the camera follow the duck so i set all that up and when i go play the camera automaticly goes into perspective view (i would like orthigraphic i think because if perspective is what i think it is then it warps the view). So those are some of the problems i am having but only some i can’t remeber the others. Also i here is the file(there isnt a camera there so if you could add your own and if it works fine then upload the camera and settings so i can have a look:)

Hm, well, the file didnt come up, I assume that’s because you’re new here, and newbies aren’t allowed to post links. What it sounds like, is that your camera has some logic bricks on it too, so check that. If not, i can’t be too sure without actually seeing the file.

I would like to say that this is the right way to start. I’m glad to see you’re not saying “Hi eveyone, I’m gonna make something as awesome as Runescape!!” or something, which is what too many new people do. I’m looking forward to seeing progress on your game!

And, welcome aboard :wink:

I had a look but there aren’t any bricks as far as i know. You mentioned that new users couldn’t upload files so I will link you through to the download (it’s at filefront). here is the link;11472198;/fileinfo.html
Note: There is probably something noobish i’ve done without realising so thanks for your time. Lol please don’t laugh at my skeleton/armature because well it was my first try and it still need perfection and looks well strange.
Note:note: also happy to have joined the community and my runescape addiction has recently subsided luckily :eyebrowlift2:.
Also does anyone know a good tutorial on character UV mapping, thanks

I checked it doesnt have any bricks, my other post didnt show up dunno y anyway here is a link to the file download;11472198;/fileinfo.html
. also thanks for the welcome glad to be in the community and also dont laugh at my armature its my first one:eyebrowlift2:

Here you go…

BTW,I removed a lot of things to make the file smaller. It’s pretty simple really, the bricks are highlighted. Also, your duck is very high-poly, try and learn to make it as low-poly as possible, and use textures for details. This will make your game much faster, and much better looking, too :wink:

Thanks, sorry this reply took so long i’ve been sick for the last week. Also when you downloaded the file did it have an armature and animation because i think it may have had something to do with the camera issues. Also about the high polyness ill probably just run the poly reducer script or something like that.

Yep it had an armature, but you can add them all back in now and everything’ll work :wink:

o i see so if i set up the camera with logic/parenting before the armature then the camera wont be disrupted. Ok thanks for your help