Camera issues

I cannot figure out how to easily change the camera view…I have to rotate this way and that way, and then move it when all i want is a front view render. I watched a tut a while back where the guy was modelling and he moved the camera really easily but he did not explain how he did it…i really need to know all the camera commands and shortcuts so that i can render the proper side and angle of my model without the hassel of trying to get it to rotate the right way etc…thanks %|

Ctrl-Alt-0 instantly moves camera to your current viewpoint. There’s also “camera fly” (Ctrl-F in camera view with camera selected.)

Edit: Ctrl-Alt Numpad0.

Wait, i tried ctrl-alt-0 and everything disapeared! Why?

There’s one shortcut that I can remember off the top of my head:

Find the view you want in the 3D view and press ctrl+alt+0 and the camera will be moved to that view – I think that’s the right shortcut keys, someone correct me if I’m wrong :-? (out of town on my Dad’s laptop who won’t let me download Blender on it %| ) That’s probably what the guy was doing in the tutorial.

Hope that helps :smiley:

[edit] I must have been typing my post when you two responded lol (you people must be fast :o )

nevermind i pressed the wrong zero :expressionless: o yes i am speedy!! :stuck_out_tongue:

JFTR: And it switced you to 20th layer. Press ` (whatever key right below the “esc” in non-US keyboard). to switch all the layers on :slight_smile: