Camera jumps when I replace keyframes

Hey guys, quick question

I have a camera movement. Just a simple pan with a small rotation.
I have set begin and end keyframes, all is good

But when I want to change the camera’s end position… something weird happens.
I go to the endframe on which the keyframes are…

Then I relocate the camera the way I want it. I then go to the location and rotation tabs (N menu) and press replace keyframes. But then my camera jumps to a different location. Not a big difference…but it jumps a bit.

Its not supposed to jump, its supposed to maintain the new position and replace the old keyframes with its current location/rotation

So im missing something? But im not sure what it is…

I assume your using 2.8. Yep it looks like a bug. It is replacing whatever set you click on (location or rotation) and then replaces the opposite with the original transforms instead of the new transforms.