camera lens changes mid-render!

This is quite a baffling phenomenon. I’ve rendered this twice and both times there’s a problem.
In the middle of my render, it seems my camera lens changes from the default 35 to the 30 setting I want. It ends up looking rather discontiguous. Please look at the attached pictures for what I mean. Any help would be appreciated.


Check to be sure that you haven’t inadvertently added an IPO to your camera’s lens setting.

EDIT: I’m going to just change the planes from a UV texture to the other kind, this allows me to alter the brightness of the planes with an IPO curve. Thanks for your help!

It seems my ray transparency is messing up the perspective. But when I use Ztransparency, it makes the stars in front darker as well. Confusing stuff.

The reason i ask this is because I actually wish I could change the color of the textured planes to black or reduce the alpha to 0 but I don’t know how to do the latter without deselecting the A button next to the texface button.