Camera Lighting Falloff

I’m having a really frustrating problem for the past few hours that I can’t figure out.

The camera render and the perspective views have completely different lighting. It looks to me like the camera automatically is inserting a horizon when I don’t want it to.

In short, how do I make the camera (top image) look like the perspective (bottom image) when rendered?

I appreciate any help you guys can give me.

It could be a problem of different clippings in between the camera and the viewport… Altho I would rather say a problem of a light which is hidden in the viewport while still renderable. Your render is obviously much brighter than the viewport in Rendered mode.

The phrase “Rendered Mode” is a bit misleading. It’s not a quick render of the final result but a quick render of the viewport.

In short, the Camera is always correct and the viewport is just there to help you visualize. It also is the angle of the view. Have you tried snapping your camera to the viewport? Then you can conduct a more accurate A-B comparison.