Camera Magnifies Objects when turning

I notice some times the camera will magnify spots on my terrain and meshes when I turn, making anything in the peripheral vision i guess you could call it big and then the opposite side is reduced in size. i have a screen shot below to show you what I mean, not sure how to change it. its kind of annoying :O!

That could be either a result of:

Very extreme values used with slowPar (in the animation buttons).

A weird lens setting on your camera (Select your camera and go to editbuttons).

Mess with those.

Hymm well I’ve never touched anything in the animation buttons that I know of, so i dont think it would be that but i’ll check ti just in case and I’ll check out the camera lens :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

We’ll I looked to see if it could be slowpar but it was checked, so I don’t think it was that, Also I’m checking the camera right now, but nothing seems to change how it looks when turning like that.

You need to zoom in when in camera mode. The second dashed line of the camera should line up with the edges of the screen otherwise that will happen.

haha damn that was a simple fix, thanks man :P, now i have to mess with the camera angle and stuff to make it look nice xD!