Camera Mapping Practice

I now have two camera mappings. I am going to complete four total then conclude this practice project. Hopefully I will start using my own pictures soon for this.

I got the pictures from Pixabay

Any suggestions are appreciated!

I live near a beautiful Mexican National Park (Lagunas de Montebello) so I eventually want to use camera mapping for my own pictures.




I improved the camera motion, completely remade the mountain model, increased the mist, and added a vignette.

I am gonna see what happens if I make the camera look as if it is from the view of a hiker looking up.

That second video has much more feeling of 3D to it. The first one just looked liked zooming in on a 2D photo. Do you have a screen shot of the mesh that you made?

Steve S

Thanks Steve!

Yeah, the first one was pretty much a 2D plane without much depth.

Here is the mesh:



Very good the second one! It’s hard to believe that it comes only from a photograph.

Yes, it works quiet well

Update: I messed with the model, the color, the camera, and added snow.

So I created a new camera map (the second one in this video):

There is heat distortion added. I’m gonna experiment with adding dust particles.

Here is the model: