Camera panning help

Hello blender community! I’m currently working on a music visualiser (as you can hopefully see) and I’ve got it all working and ready to go. But… I’ve created about 7 key frames which pan around the visualiser perfectly fine, exactly how I want it. But, that only takes me to frame 1201 out of about 26000. The problem is is that I don’t want to have to keep panning manually and inserting key frames for every 100 frames until I get to 26000. Is there any way I can “copy and paste” my 7 key frames evenly along my timeline until I reach the end or do I have to do it all manually. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

ps: to put it simply, can I copy and paste a set of frames of not and if not, is there any other way. Thanks :slight_smile:

In the graph editor you can add a cycles modifier to repeat animation keyframes

Ok excellent thank you very much. Just to clarify, how long do you reckon it would take to repeat 7 key frames for about 26000 frames using this method? And also, on my timeline, I can’t see the key frames anymore but the animation still works. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.

If it keeps repeating the same camera cycle and no change to the image then why not render what can be cycled and repeated?

Rendering note, 26,000 frames will depend on which renderer you are using; Cycles or Blender Internal.

Disappearing keys on timeline, eh? Go to your timeline and click “View” and Uncheck “Only Keyframes from Selected Channels.” I had some what of this trouble when I first started out.