Camera position synched to object postition

I want a camera follow the head. So the character moves the head and the camera should stay at the same position relative to the head. Parenting to it didn’t work, copy location didn’t work. The camera can’t rotate just move. The position of the bones and objects is made by scaling and rotating the bones, so the movement is not by location. But when i parent the camera to one object it just stays. That results in me having to manually position the camera.

Have a lock at:
Camera: Object Constraint Properties: Tracking

Maybe have to set some empty asparent for your bones and track them.

There is no tracking.


And which one should i use? I already looked at them but none work. Clamp to requires an additional curve. Damped track looks at it but when the bones change the location of the object that is being tracked it doesn’t follow. An empty doesn’t follow the object too even if parented. Locked track is the same just with a locked axis. Stretch to is obviously wrong. Track to doesn’T work as well.

With: “have a look”, i also meant the docu and more…
If you damp track the camera to the armature you can select the bone…

But i not only want the camera to look at the bone. I want the camera to basically stick to it like a gopro to a head. It should not follow a bone but stay relative to a certain object.

With, “have a look”, i meant also the doc and some research on your own how those things work.
You are talking of resizing and moving te head controlled by bones, so part of your mesh is following those. And this is because you of … ? Skinning weighting vertex groups of your mesh with bones … ? The use them as target…
Possible setup:

Position 1:
Position 2:

Camera is following the head bone, head is deformed accordingly.

Scale the root bone and see if the camera moves with it. In your example i cannot see if the camera moves. The head is moving because the body gets longer. So the position of the head goes up and the camera should be like another bone following nicely. I try to parent the camera to a seperate bone. But honestly this shouldn’t be that hard to make a gopro camera type thing.

First you wanna follow the head now you wann scale the hoel object… If you open the two pictures and switch between them, you can see the camer is “jumping”. It’ seems to be that i don’t understand your problem or you don’t understand armatures. IDK.

I was writing it wrong. The head moves when the body gets bigger/longer. So your idea of parenting an empty to the head bone was the right direction. You don’t need to track it because you position the camera and that’s it. Now when i scale the bode the camera always stays on the head. The tracking constraint is just hindering.