Camera problems in 2.48

Hey there,

I tried to run three of my perfectly good working projects using Blender 2.48.

I made them in Blender 2.47

Besides a bunch of Python-errors (I will see to them myself the next weeks).
I got what I would like to call a camera-error.

In all three projects: When I press P to start the GE the screen turns gray.
(or blue, depending on the mode Blender is in; blue beeing the basic-color of my world-sky).
I can’t find why this happens!

Can any-one tell me what could cause this problem?

Thank in advance foor thinking with me.


Well…what are the Python errors? They may help. Other than that, check your constaints/TrackTo actuator/Camera actuator/whatever else you set the camera up with to make sure it’s not busted in some way.

Not sure. Could you share more info about the camera setup you are using? Are all three of the problem files using the same camera setup? Do any of your other files work with 2.48?

Is your graphics card an ATI? If so your problem may be the same as this one:


Hey guys, thanks for wanting to help me,

My graphic-card is an nVidia GaForce 9300M GS with 512 MB,

I attached one of the .blend-files giving the problems with the camera, so if some-one could take a look at that I would be very pleased.
BTW: This file only has the camera-problem (until now).



BasicCameraMovement_7.blend (248 KB)

And by the way not all .Blends seem to give the camera-problem.
I just managed to get all .Blend files of the hardisk of my ‘exploded’ laptop to my new one.

It seems that the .Blend-file I attached here does do its job. It is an earlier version of the .Blend file of the file attached to my previous post.

Altough there are some differences I can’t see why the camera acts weird.



BasicCameraMovement_5.blend (164 KB)

In the first blend (BasicCameraMovement_7.blend) you have a dynamic object parented to a non-dynamic one. Dynamic objects should never be parented to anything… it causes some very odd problems. In that case, when I unparented the camera OR made it non-dynamic, the problem was fixed. I’d make your parent object the one that is dynamic.

Your right Sambassador this is what causes the problem,

I made all the parented object static and the problem was gone

I did’nt know this was a problem to Blender.

Thanks a lot for your help.