Camera Problems

I am currently making a game where you roll around a ball through levels. I want the a camera to rotate behind it when it turns, unlike it does now. If you need it here is the .blend file.

just press play and try to play the level and you’ll see that the camera doesn’t stay behind you. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Do you mean to be directly behind it and follow it like a shadow? If so you may want to look into the 3rd person camera scripts that are here on the forum. do a search for FPS to find some.

kind of (if you played) you’ll notice that it is hard to see what is coming up in the later half of the level, so the camera needs to be behind the ball at all times, not just at the start. I’ll do some searching.

Does this really require script? because i’m not to good a python.


I made a marble game with a camera setup like you describe:

the secrete is in the vertex parented empty.

really? parent the empty to the vert and the camera to the empty?

I played with the file and parented the camera to a vert, but it still acts the same way. I never really thought about it much.