Camera Question

How is it possible to rotate a camera? I parented a camera on a character and used W A S D as its primary movement keys. How will the camera rotate if I press A it will rotate with the characteR? and vice versa?

what software can i use to create a head? a software easy to use? any idea?:slight_smile:

i assume you are referring to using the game engine. if you parent an object to another, yes they will both turn.

create a head: this may sound stupid, but…uhh, blender maybe? its a great program that lets you do all sorts of wonderful things! i highly advise you to check it out! :wink:

Haha lol. Stupid Question though :slight_smile:
What I mean to say is an alternative modeling software aside from blender? Rigging the head is too complicated, and i do not have much of a time to do these sort of stuffs. I did find out about Make Human., works fine in creating a replica of human. Haha.

BTw, about the camera. I did parent it to that of the character that i used. And yes it followed around the character, but what i need the camera to do is to follow the character and permanently stays at his back? how is it possible?

no problem :slight_smile: have you looked at blenRig? google blenrig, there should be a link on blendernation.

not sure what u mean with the camera. i’ll throw together a .blend file example.

eh, never mind. easier said than done i guess. :o
is this the problem you where having?


GameCameraParent.blend (160 KB)

Your a life saver wysiwyg.! :slight_smile:
How is it possible to make the rotation slow? and will i make my character walk or run slow? it seems that he runs fast.? Is it in the logic panel?

wait… it worked for you? or r u being sarcastic?

all your questions have one answer: logic bricks. r u familiar with BGE? (blender Game Engine)

Yes It did worked for me sir… Im not saying it sarcastically, but seriously it worked! :slight_smile:
actually, i made a simple block and placed movement in it. W A S D as its main controls, forward backward sidewards using the pacman icon on the buttons window. Is the logic bricks the one with the pacman icon?

Now im wondering how can i make the rotation much slower, it rotates with an average speed, and i want it to rotate slower than the normal speed. How can i make it?

2nd Question: Sir, is it possible to create a button on your screen? A GUI to be precise. How is it done? Clue?

THanks sir.

ok. thats strange… u made a new blend or you downloaded mine and it worked? can u post the .blend?
yes the purple pacman is the logic bricks.

to make it slower, you have to reduce the rot on the right of the logic panel. i’ll try to explain more l8r if thats not clear enough.

re: buttons you mean in the ge? i never did do it, but yes it is possible. I just googled it and came up with this, hope it helps.