camera render

Hi there,
here is a re-render of a project modeled some time ago, I post it in work in progress because I should add some textures later
Any comments welcome.

Very nice work, dktw! I’ve tried modeling a camera before, but didn’t couldn’t come anywhere close to this level of detail.

All your modeling looks very good and tight. It’s nice to see you’ve paid attention to everything, even the camera strap mounts and the ridges inside the lens itself. Did you model the entire lens (as in, all the lens elements), or would that have been far too noisy when rendering?

Your texturing and bump mapping adds a lot to the realism. Wonderful work, I have no critiques!

and few more shots


thanks James, I’m glad You like it. I’ve modelled only one lens-glass object, if You are interestet You can download this model from blendswap: