Camera settings for particle rendering.


I am mucking around with fire/particles in Blender Render. When I render the scene, the image is a lot smaller than the image in the original camera view. Imagine a soccer field with one player on it.
I can only figure it has to be with the camera settings???

Any help please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Add Info; I have the settings at Ortho. The rendered image looks like it has Panoramic checked, but it is not.
Pressing 0 and it looks fine. Press F12 and panoramic viewed render.

OK it’s not the camera.

I added a light and the picture comes up OK, but the particles just get squished together or they are not all getting the texture.

I am using particles to make a fire out of letters.
Can I have say, 3 letters as the Flow within the Domain, or do I have to assign a domain to each letter?