Camera speed ipo [desperate]

I have to animate a serie of walks ina building: i set up 6 different cameras with 6 paths. The problem is when i want control over camera’s speed: i.e. the path speed ipo goes from x=0 to x=2000 (so my camera moves from frame 1 to frame 2000 walking along the path) while the same ipo goes from y=0 to y=1 (from start to end of the path). My problem is that in this way the curve is almost flat, and addind keyframes and beziers handles to make the camera speed up or slow down where i need it, is a real pain (well, it’s impossible). Is there a way i can tell blender to move along the path on y and make y vary from 0 to say 1000, so i have a better looking and usable ipo?
Hope this makes sense, i am getting lost…and need to complete the animation before tomorrow :frowning:

You can zoom the IPO window with CTRL-LMB which will increase the (apparent) size of the IPO.


You - saved - my - life

(i’ve been playing blender a lot now, and still have to learn all those wonderfull shortcuts!)

The CTRL-LMB (or NUMPAD + NUMPAD -) keys work in almost all of the windows. Particularly handy with the buttons window, which defaults to micro-miniature / minimum zoom. I guess somebody likes that look :smiley:

Another handy keystroke for the IPO window or even the buttons window is to press the HOME key to re-center/zoom all the curve points.

Another handy shortcut is to use the NUMPAD + key to zoom up the “N” (transform) dialogs (The mouse pointer has to be over the dialog for that to work).