Camera Speed!!

I used to be able to slow down the speed of my camera by switching some kind of percentage rate. Now I cant seem to find where and how. Ive read all the posts having to do with the IPO settings, but what I did was a lot simpler. Just highlight the setting and switch it to 10% or what ever. Does anyone know how to slow down the camera. Its not on any path, just animating its roattion and movement.


Use a time IPO.

Why not just move the keyframes apart? Go into the Ipo Editor, go into Key view mode (K) select all (A) and scale up (S). Same way as you control the speed of anything else.

Sorry guys, but I got it on my own. Thanks for the IPO tip, just not the best way.

Actually the IPO way sucks to say the least. If you want to slow down the camera movement, just click on the little curvey errow in between the render and sound block buttons under the scene (F10) heading and there it is. Change the MAP old to less than 100 and your animation is in slow mo!

That slows down the ENTIRE animation, not just the camera … which is what you may want … but not what you asked in your first post :slight_smile: