Camera tilt correction - verticals

(Tomáš Luža) #1

Hey guys,
I got this thing I am trying to solve but not sure if it is possible? When you are setting a camera for a scene and you put it in a bit of an angle then all verticals of objects goes off line in verticals of camera borders (see pic for better demonstration). In for example 3Ds max camera has this option called tilt correction and that helps me to fix horizontals so they are all in line. Now in Blender there is shift option which kinda works(not really) but is a bit goofy plus it makes camera control even less friendly than it already is. Note that I tried both free camera and constrained camera to empty but without any luck. Is there any addon (no matter what version) or some tip you could give me?

Thanks T.

(burnin) #2

Note: View plane should be parallel to observed plane/face
correct: straighten camera rotation (X = 90°) then Shift Lens on Y (+/- = up/down)

(Tomáš Luža) #3

well after all I do it with shifts, it is a bit odd from what I am used to but it works. It is just less precise than tilt correction feature, because after shift you have to reposition camera to fit your needs while with tilt correction camera stands rock still the way you set it and only verticals are being tilted the way you want them (parallel to each other).

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if you know how perspective works and how camera distorts the view, then you also know that when camera location & focal length doesn’t change, you’re basically just preventing perspective distortion in the first place

(Tomáš Luža) #5

Agreed and thanks for inputs by the way.