Camera tracker orientation reconstruction problem

When I select tracks for my ground plane, I notice that my camera orientation gets inverted 180 degrees in the opposite direction in the 3d viewer. Is there an order you must select your ground plane tracks. For instance, is it back to front or front to back and then the third track.

If it doesn’t matter, what could be the problem?

I assume you mean the camera rotates 180 degrees on the z axis? if that’s so, you can set the x and y axis to help blender figure it out, and if it’s still not pointing the way you want it, when you set one of those axis and it points wrong, click the ‘x/y axis’ button again and it’ll flip it. or just simply set the pivot point to 3d cursor in the middle of the scene, and rotate the camera on the z axis until it’s pointing the way you want. Hope that helps.

Thanks Steve,

I didn’t know that clicking the x/y axis flips the orientation. Where in the manual does it describes how to setup the scene reconstruction and lens distortion grid? Do you a website or YouTube link that goes into detail about these functions?

I always refer people to this guy -
One of his tracking tutorials (can’t remember if it’s 1 or 2) talks about how to do the reconstruction.

Thanks Steve. Everything has now been cleared up.

No problem, glad it all worked out for you.