Camera tracking a shot with more movement than can be calculate by one keyframe range

Yeah, what the title says, most of the shots I filmed worked just fine, not so much in a reconstruction sense so much as a tracking sense but the tracker is very much usable for most shots. However, this is not the case with some shots.

In the project I am working on I needed to track a “long” shot that looked at different directions at a time, Daccy (thanks a bunch pal) was able to add all the markers for me, however there was still the problem that it was not possible to use one keyframe range to track the whole shot and simply using the range of the entire clip could not work due to the rule that there must be 8 continuous tracks within the keyframe range (that and when I typically try doing that with other footage it never works out well anyway), which was impossible using the footage I had and there was no keyframe range that could solve the whole thing.

The only solution I found was to literally split the whole thing to separate Blender files and track the parts that had a significant change in movement (I had to split it to 4 files), when I had to change things for one file (a material, nodes etc), I had to go to each single file individually, this is a royal pain in the neck and it wastes a lot of time.

The shot that we filmed was a POV (the whole video is a in POV) had the protagonist look at the monster, look down to pick up a weapon, kill the monster, pick up another object then turn around and walk away. This type of shot could not be tracked. Panning shots in general have a lot of difficulty getting tracked due to this rule as well (I should point out that I don’t care too much about reconstruction, what I care about is tracking at the moment).

I saw in the Mango kick off that there was a panning shot with a lot of motion blur tracked, how was that possible with the current “8 track” rule?

So I want to know if there is in fact a way to track using multiple keyframe ranges for footage that moves around a lot or if there are any plans to change this in the future.

…so am I to assume that there are no plans to solve this issue and Blender can’t track the entire shot I have in one file at all?

I had trouble with pans before too. I think that you need lots of overlaping tracks for the whole shot, even if they come and go during the shot. I gather that the keyframe range is the cleanest footage with best paralax change. Try asking at the Mango blog, perhaps they could get you feedback.