Camera tracking tutorial out of date after only 7 months?

Hi there i was looking at this tutorial which was long, so seemed pretty good:

However it no longer works! At the 23 minute mark it all goes wrong, a few things have changed in blender since (pressing a will not let you edit all points settings any more, and theres no “hybrid” method setting to not touch any more). It is suppose to track the motion of the points but they mostly turn red within 60 frames which doesnt happen in the youtube video.

Can someone link to an up to date tracking tutorial thats also as in depth as this one was?

Using A to select all tracking points works for me just fine in 2.65a
For tracking settings see
Rather than slavishly copy whatever is done in the tutorial, start with the defaults and then experiment

SELECTING them yes its fine. However mass-changing them as the tutorial says doesnt work. However as for copying what the tutorial says, isnt that the point of a tutorial? To find out how its done and then experiment? Rather to experiment to try and find out how its done?

Also, does system specs have anything to do with if this works or not, because the tutorial when he plays the video near the begining it cache’s every frame, whereas my laptop only caches every other frame?