Camera Tracking with Octane Render -- will it work? (Haven't done any tracking before...)

Before I’m getting started on Camera Tracking, I’d like to ask if it works the same way for all render engines?

As far as I can see, Octane Render doesn’t have any Camera Tracking tutorials, so I wonder if I can simply use the Cycles tutorials – or if different render engines work differently, so that it may be a problem to use Octane?

Camera tracking as a process does not depend on any render engine at all. It takes footage as input and produces camera and positional markers as output. Render engine where you use that camera afterwards is irrelevant.

Or maybe you mean something else with camera tracking? What do you want to do?

Thank you very much, kesonmis – that’s exactly what I needed to know!

Since cameras are involved, I wasn’t sure if there might be some render engine-specific issues…

Regarding what I want to do: I simply need to learn the basics of Camera Tracking in order to place Blender objects in ‘real’ footage.