Camera view interactive ?

In the other 3Dsoftware I use, it is possible to go into camera view and then change the camera view by rotating/panning/zooming the view, the camera thus moves correspondingly. As far as I know, this is not possible in Blender,… how can I make perfectly framed shots without this feature ?

This amoungst many other things, is possible in blender.
Taken straight from the Blender wiki manual.

Camera Navigation

To control the camera while viewing through it (NUMPAD-0):

Aiming the camera

Press SH-F to enter “fly mode”, then move the mouse around to aim the camera, LMB to set the new orienation, RMB or ESC to cancel.


To roll the camera, the camera needs to be selected (while viewing throught it, RMB on the solid rectangular edges selects it), then press “r” to enter standard object rotation mode, the default will be to rotate the camera in it’s local Z axis.


To rotate along the local X axis, press “r”, then “xx”. The first “x” (or “y” or “z”) selects the global axis, pressing the “axis letter” a second time selects the local axis. (This works when rotating any object)


To dolly the camera, press “g” then MMB, LMB to complete.

Track Camera

Press “g”(rab) and move the mouse (LMB to set position)

Rotate and zoom your view, select camera and Ctrl-Alt-Numpad-zero.