Camera view problem

I was working on a scene today and then when i clicked to switch to camera view:

thats what happens:

I dont know what the hell is this view
and I can just zoom in, I cant zoom out.:mad:

So when I click and hold middle mouse button to rotate, thats what happens:

So I’m unable to render the finished scene because of this issue.
I tried to delete the camera and add a new one and I tried to restart blender but the problem continues.
Does anyone know how to fix that or if Is there any way I could export the objects to another scene?


See the message in the top left corner of the 3d view. You have set the BezierCurve object as the active camera. You need to set the camera object as the active camera either by selecting it a use Ctrl+Numpad0 or the same from the View / Cameras menu or set the camera in the Scene settings

thanks for the answer richard, but I already tried that, still not working… is there other way I could export the objects to a new document?

Yeah, it’s quite an interesting and not-at-all intuitive fact of Computer Graphics that “anything can be ‘the camera,’” and it’s extremely easy to inadvertantly designate a perfectly-nonsensical object to be “it.”

Now, this does come in handy sometimes, say if you want to aim a light. Designate the light as the camera (in one window) and you see exactly what the light will illuminate.

But, “a piece of geometry” could wind up being a camera, as well.

What I do, before putting a shot away, is to explicitly select the intended camera, and I often name the scene (in my workflow, shots are scenes) to designate what the camera should be. One of the boring check/cleanup steps is to walk through every shot making sure that the proper camera is selected.

It’s very useful for POV character animation, don’t you think? - not exactly a minor part of 3D graphics.

problem solved, the camera was the object at all, thanks guys…