Camera woes

Can anyone help:

I hate the camera system as i know it.

I need to either:

Press ctrl+alt+0 and get the camera exactly as my viewport is viewing(not with some weird frame that clips the image
----or (prefered)----
When viewing through the camera being able to rotate and pan it like the viewport
—or (even better)----
A way of ‘gamewalking’ the camera or making it fly with mouselook and back forward.

Anyone got some way of doing these? In not Itd be great addition to next version.

Camera fly mode is shift-f ,take a look at view>view navigation.

I agree, and posted comments from a newbie perspective a week or so ago. The camera is a major impediment to blender being widely accepted IMHO.

If you want to pan or rotate the view while viewing through the camera, simply rotate/move while the camera is selected.

Also use the power of adjustable pivot points for fine-tuning camera rotation and placement. This can give you for example the viewport-like rotation but from the camera view. For details, look at kernond’s excellent Pivot Power video at the website in his signatureand apply the principles to a selected camera.

My wish was also to be able to control view through camera like an ordinary viewport. But for that, as I’ve been told, there’s just too much recoding involved. So I have discovered a simple way to do this. Face your camera to object you want to track, snap 3d cursor to that object and change Rotation/Scaling Pivot to 3d cursor. Now you can move camera arround selected object (well actually, arround 3d cursor) like this:

  1. Press R+Z for horizontal camera rotation
  2. Press R+X+X for vertical camera rotation
  3. Pres G+Z+Z for moving camera closer to or further from object (this one actually doesn’t depend on selected Pivot)