Camera won't unhide

I’m not sure if the real problem is that it’s hidden. All I know is that I can render my object but where the camera should be, based on the render, there’s nothing.

Any clue how the camera could be invisible even though everything should be visible?

  1. Press tilde ~ to select all layers - it could be on a hidden layer.
  2. Press alt-h to un-hide everything.
  3. Use the outliner to find it and select it.
  4. Ensure you are not in local view mode keypad /

I guess I didn’t say it outright but everything should be visible. I’ve tried both the tilde and alt-h methods and nothing’s visible except the object I’m modeling. Any other thoughts?

maybe you deleted the camera
maybe you are looking through the camera (so you can’t see it)

but check if there is a camera in the outliner like PapaSmurf suggested
if there isn’t - just add a camera

Thanks for the help guys. I had an epiphany and figured it out. The solution was that I had the object only selected using “”. All fixed now.