This is a recent render I completed using 2.65 cycles. I loosely based it on an old Chinon CE-4.

In this project, I tried to do it a lot quicker than I usually would, in an exercise to try to cut down the work time. There are less poly’s than I would normally use, and I tried to concentrate on using materials and textures that would look good at lower samples.

What do you think of them?

The first is the original render, 500 samples.

This next version has some depth of field and colouration.

This final image is my final image, with added touches.

Comments please?

Anyone care to comment?

I really like it, I love cameras, but it´s missing something in my opinion, maybe add something else to the scene make it a composition rather than just a simple render of a model…
Anyway I love the lens shader, do you mind telling how you made it?

Nice work. Did you use the text mesh for the letters are did you model then your self? How long did it take to render, the textures look very nice.

Efrajim - the lens was a bit of a cheat. I tried to make a physically accurate shader, but couldn’t get the effects I wanted. On the front face of the lens, I used 3 glass shaders with different IOR’s mixed by fresnel, one of which has a colour gradient to give the lens coating. With the back face of the lens, I reversed the normals and added a sharp glossy shader. It took a lot of fiddling. There is an environment texture which partially lights the scene, and adds the reflections.

model man - I used text objects with curve modifiers - it would’ve taken forever to model the text. This one was a bit of an exercise in quick rendering materials and textures. The original image is only 500 samples at 1750 x 1080, and only took about 40 mins to render. Depends on your machine, of course.

Nice material. Cool way of achieving it I’ve got to say. You’ve got some skills! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m thinking it’s too dark now, any thoughts?