Camillus Cuda Dominator!

Well, this happens to be the pocket knife that I carry. I was debating what, exactly, to blend the other day, and emptied the contents of my pockets and decided that this would be the most interesting thing to blend. Anyhow, it has taken me a bit over a day to get all of the details (the handle’s dimples were a pain the arse), so I just finished the modelling. Now I’m going to move on to materials, textures, and lighting, so please C&C on the model itself. Thanks folks!

Its a great start :wink: I think it could be a bit rounder, it seems a little flat. Maybe ts just the angle, not sure. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Here is an updated angle, with the modelling pretty much completed.

Looks nice :wink: I think the blade is a little to thick in some places. Like the tip of the knife. That should be the thinest part, it breaks of the easiest :expressionless: Im confused as to how the knife shuts with the cylindrical looking thing at the base of the blade. It could be a little drounder IMO, but im sure its fine how it is. Nice work :slight_smile:

I slimmed down the blade, added materials (though they still need some tweaking), and lit the scene, but unfortunately the knife seems to be floating. I’ll render another in a bit, but here is what we’ve got so far.

Looking nice :wink: The tip still look thick for some reason, lol. Maybe its the reflections. Try and render it from a different angle. I think it is a little to reflective, but your still working on the materials :expressionless: Great work :smiley:

Okay, this is still very much a WiP, but here is another update. How do y’all think it is coming along? More suggestions? C&C?

Okay, one last render. I think this is where I abandon the thing and start a new project, but I’d still LOVE C&C.