CammyB96's Daily VFX/CGI Sketchbook! (3/365)

Hey guys! its been a while since I have been active here. Lots have happened recently and lets just say I want to come back to what I loved doing!

I will be posting a creation of some kind on this thread each day along with some sort of learning material I read/watched regarding Blender/3D Designing/Modelling/VFX.

I’d love it if you guys could leave some moral support and motivation to keep this going and hopefully with some persistence and self-discipline, have a sketchbook of 365 models and materials that might be able to help others looking to learn.


P.S, I will post at 10pm UK time every day.

Soooo… 4 pm my time (central). But it’s been days! Lol! Looking forward to keeping morale up! Do it!! :slight_smile:

Just what I was thinking, Xraygunner :smiley:

Haha, I was planning on starting it today. I had my exam yesterday and got an A so had a little celebration! The first entry will be tonight!

No worries here, just bustin’ chops! It’s the least I can do. :smiley:

So today I decided to re-familiarize myself with the Blender layout and systems by doing a simple track with some cycles rendering. The result is as expected for my first render in a year or so.

What I learned today:
Using The Node Editor

What I could have done better:
Better Tracking (Better markers and more track points)
More Realistic Lighting and Shading
Higher Quality Base Video
Tracker Removal

I really wanted to mask the model behind the wooden fence for a more immersive feel but due to a bad track I couldn’t really achieve that, I also had some trouble with cycles shadow projection. Whenever I tried to output the shadow channel from a render layer in the Node Editor, there would be no shadow data and it would be entirely black. I had to perform a strange work around which gave me the weird looking shadows. If you know a way to fix this, I’d appreciate it if you replied!

Tomorrow’s project will be similar/the same as today but with the aforementioned changes made, feel free to leave feedback and criticism!

For today’s project I decided to expand on my previous track and render and try out a new method for tracking whilst exploring more realistic lighting and materials! I think the result looks great (Bar the mistakenly place light plane)

Things I learned:
Achieving More Realistic Materials
Better Methods of Tracking a Scene
Setting up Realistic lighting

Things I could have done better:
More Time Spent on Setting Up The Lighting
Removing The Obvious Light Plane
Start Render Earlier for better quality

I’d appreciate any feedback and criticism!

I decided to explore cycles materials more and spent allot of time learning about how I can manipulate the node editor to achieve realistic materials, the above material is a ceramic cup.

Things I learned:
Advanced Use of The Node Editor Within Cycles
Duplicating Real-World Material Behaviors in Cycles

Things I could have done better:
Spent More Time Refining The Material
Make Multiple Materials
Put Them Into a Tracking Scene

Resources: - Video Series I Watched


Looking good!.. So, in the second track, did you just use planar tracking of the paper on the desk?

I used regular point tracks for it, although now I look back I could have used planar tracking for it! The reason I haven’t posted over the last few days is because I’ve been pretty busy, I’m considering changing this daily sketchbook into weekly projects so I can actually consistently upload!

No judging here! I’d be pretty happy to have accomplished what you did here in a year!