Campbell's Soup Can

“At once banal and mythic, these later images cast an ambiguous light back on the soup cans. They might represent the soul-deadening effects of mass production, but arranged as they are like icons in a church, they also could be containers of spiritual nourishment.” (NYT)

" “If you take a Campbell’s Soup can and repeat it fifty times, you are not interested in the retinal image. According to Marcel Duchamp, what interests you is the concept that wants to put fifty Campbell’s Soup cans on a canvas.” The regimented multiple can depictions almost become an abstraction whose details are less important than the panorama. In a sense, the representation was more important than that which was represented.
[…] Occasionally, he chose to depict cans with torn labels, peeling labels, crushed bodies, or opened lids (images right)." (Wikipedia)

Just a take on what would represent today.

PS.: not completely happy with the post processing, maybe a tad blurry to give the impression of painting with no accuracy… idk :slight_smile:


Would be rare a “Warhol” soup
I feel too-diffuse the lightning, too flat