CamTrackAr | Blender | After Effects: Test

Hooo boy, making this was fun.

I got my partner to film me in my front room (tiny greenscreen at the back, so Rotobrush 2 in AE did a LOT of heavy lifting) and the app spits out a blender file and here we go!

Very pleased with the result! This was with no real planning and only a couple of desk lamps and my actual room lights. I also used some assets from Ian Hubert (and my own) to kitbash the scene.

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Nice work beltalowda :wink:
Cool to see more of this kind of work inspired by Ian’s work. :+1:

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Had to google that reference, but I will allow it :wink:

The app, (while not perfect, some slippage, 60fps which you can’t change) did most of the work. I just had to focus on what props I was putting where and using Ian’s “parent to camera, move the footage away and scale to look right” tip and away we went.

Not into ‘The Expanse’ yet eh? You’re missing out when you’re into scifi… :wink:
But yeah, tracking is always a thing to get right, and can be a real pain.

Its on the list for sure! But I’ve just finished watching ALL the star treks again. So I’m sticking with movies for a bit :wink:

The camtrack app is well worth checking out. Its free for a start!

haha! I know the feeling.
Got myself ‘stuck’ in a rewatch of Babylon 5 after someone posted a video here on the forum :smiley:

Unfortunately the app only works on iPhone, not Android. But I’ll keep en eye on it for sure. :wink:

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