Can 3D Studio Max models be imported into Godot?

I arrive as a complete Noob. Don’t play games, (except Flight Sims) never have coded. Yet…I find myself intrigued with Godot on YouTube. Over the years, I’ve worked with many 3D programs. I have mid-level skills with 3D Max. Before I dive into Blender, will Godot accept models imported from 3D Max?

Godot can import OBJ files which both blender and 3D Studio Max can export. But, coming from Max myself, I don’t believe you’ll be going wrong with diving into Blender in any case. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comeback. The more I watch tutorials on YouTube, the better Blender looks. I’ve heard many sources say Blender has a very steep learning curve, but it doesn’t look that daunting to me. I ask about 3D Max because I have some models built that I’d rather not re-do.

The Godot site itself also has the “better Collada exporter” add-on, which is what they recommend when working with Blender. (A few more features in regards to materials and armature/rig export that .obj format doesn’t support.) Should work with the 2.7x versions. However it seems more setup to work with the original Blender render workflow than that of Cycles. (Mainly for materials. I’m guessing that has to do with when it was made, etc.) That can make material setup a little more tricky, as Cycles has made a lot of the process easier with its node system.

However baked materials from Cycles can be put to texture images and carried back over to the older render engine. Just extra stuff to learn as far as what to set in the menus.

Not sure about Max and what it supports in that regard though.

Like was said about collada. You could try importing fbx into blender, then exporting out into collada.