Can a Bump Map show through RayTransparency in Blender? cont...

Though I know it does in Maya, I’ve tried to “bump map” an Iris of an eye and the actual eyeball is “ray transparent”. For some reason in Blender the “bump map” won’t show unless the “ray transparent” is off. Is there a setting I may Have forgotten?

Below is an example of the problem I had with my First ever model and that problem still occurs…


Seems to work for me … if you upload an example, I’ll see if I can figure out why yours isn’t working. As a shot in the dark, try raising the Depth of the Ray Transp.

Thanks so much I’ll give it a swing cause I never really messed with the depth!

depth is very important when using raytransp, especially when you have things within other things. when i made a fish in a fishbowl recently, i had to crank it all the way up to 6. but it could be that you have it set for blurry refraction, so check that as well.

Wow, I’ll give that a shot as well. I never even knew blurry refraction existed. Thanks for all your help.

After taking sometime out I was trying to fix the problem but No luck :frowning: ! So here’s what’s going on.

The Bump Map on the Iris (colored part of the eye) revealed in the second image, isn’t showing up behind the ray-transparent in the first image. To help out I showed a pic of my settings. Can anyone give a hand? I tried changing the depth but it didn’t seem to work.


Still hard to say what’s is going on … if you could post the .blend (or attach it to a PM), I could check it out.

Wish i could but the min. file size of the .blend is 2mb due to textures. Will email work? [email protected].

is it usefull to ahve a bump map inside an eye ?

i mean do you need to do such lcose up that you need to see this kind of detials?

usually you dont’ set that much detials for an eye no one is going to put that only the color i guess and that’s it
it’s enough detial to see form relatively far away!

but if that’ what you need !


Yea I’ll be doing a lot of facial close ups so a bump map is a high requirement. I seen how it looks in Maya and it’s so real it’s ridiculousness, so I’m trying to go for that same feel in blender, if possible. I heard the eyes make up most of the character, so that’s why I’m focusing so hard on the eyes, also it may help out others as well.

well if you want details that much

then don’t forget that a bump map does not produce any shadows inside

so if you really want some realist shots may be you should model this as a real mesh
or as a displacement map and put it inside the eye that would allow shadows inside the mesh iteself!

but that depends how realist you want it to be i guess!

good luck
happy blendering

Are you sure that your heavy IOR value on your lens isn’t just causing such a huge distortion that it looks flat? And does the same problem happen if instead of mapping to Alpha with the texture map, you set the alpha to 0 in the material panel?

Only if Ray Transparent on does this do this. So it may actually be a setting I have. I still get the same effect when IOR is set to 1.00

Can you post a blend file with everything else chopped out except the eye?

I would but wouldn’t that effect the results, because all that’s left are the textures for the eye and the eye itself, also lights if you include that.

If the problem is with the bump map of the iris of the eye, isn’t that, along with the lens/sphere of the eye all you need to reproduce the problem, aside from lights? Either way, if you send me a blend file to [email protected] I’ll see if I can help.

It probably is just a problem with the internal raytracer, have you considered using an external renderer? Mosaic to Aqsis might be worth a shot.

I wasn’t able to solve it. It seems ray-transp works properly with bump-mapping procedural textures but not with image files.

That is really weird. I’m sure it’s a bug. Although, as a tip, try converting the greyscale map to a rgb normal map in blender by baking the bump map as a tangent map, here.

That is…so weird. :expressionless:
Bug filing gooo!