can a Python script be started by a shortcut?

hi all, i have this question: can i start a python script by assigning a shortcut? for example i like several scripts, but to go each time and pull all those menus to get to the script is painful and counterproductive. i want to call scripts just by typing a key. is this possible?
thanks, a

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Shortcuts can’t be (re)assigned yet in Blender: it should become available sometime in 2008, my guess.
I can easily imagine some clean (and some pervert) ways of cutting of a couple of steps, nothing better. Doubt they’re worth the trouble.

well, it is about efficiency/speed in work. once you assign shortcuts, you move very fast. for example, i’m an architect and i have to do lots of measurements on my models, so by just typing a key it will bring up - for example - a “measurement” script, without going all those extra steps. a

What script do you use for your measurements.
I use BlenderCaliper 1.4.

It remains in a script window for as long as you need.
Seems to me to be the most efficient workflow available.

For other scripts that have to be used repeatedly It’d be nice if they had a sticky GUI too… Doable.


Is it possible to execute a script from another sctipt?
If “Yes” then it will be great to create a set of buttons that call them when you need:)

I am not a programmer by far.
Yet again, I found that there is a Blender.Run(script)
(I think that it is called a ‘method’)

For the rest… LOL


Hey, thanks for the keywords :slight_smile:
Here is what I found:

The code posted there works for pop-up menu but there are links to other attempts that look nice :slight_smile: