Can a script do this, or is it a feature request?

Something I’ve been wishing for a lot lately is something along the lines of a “subdivide fractal” that didn’t increase the geometry. The obvious way to do this is to reassign each selected vertex to a location that’s its original location plus a random number in the x, y, and z direction {you could even have a “rand fac.” kind of thing for the different directions, if you wanted}. This would have several advantages over the subdivide fractal routine, an important one being the ability to “randomize” just the desired verices without messing up the geometry and adding triangles to a subsurf-based mesh {as it would if you subdivided just a section of a mesh}. I’m still no python expert… so is this something that could be done with a script, or should I ask the coders if it can be included in a future release of Blender?

That can easily be done with Python if you want to work on the whole mesh. A little harder if you want to work on a specific part, but not impossible.