Can a "Shape Key" be trigered?

Hi forum fans, Still fairly new to Blender and the community of artists…so once more, a huge thankyou to all who are able to help.
My question seems simple, but I cant get my head around how to do it…have tried and tried.
I have a series of shape keys I would like trigered by either key or joystick entry, can this be done? If so, could someone give me the steps in doing so.

Thanx in advance one moe!

Don’t exactly get what your asking, but in order to make an object appear when you press a button you would go to a different layer and add that object (note the name of the object) then go back to your original layer and add a empty, give it logic bricks stating that when you press a certain button it adds your object.

Hmm, I believe you cant use shape keys in the GE? replace them bones.