Can-am Spyder RS (3-wheeled vehicle by BRP)

Hi! I’m a new member on this forum. I’ve started modeling with Blender for one year.
I wanted to share with the community my biggest project : modeling the Spyder ( 3-wheeled vehicle designed by BRP).

Here is a short HD video of Spyder RSS :

Don’t forget to choose 1080p quality :slight_smile:

I’ll post pics soon, hope you’ll enjoy my work !

See you soon!

(and sorry for my bad english…)

Cracking first post!!!

wow and welcome!

Thank you!

Here is another video showing modeling process of a Spyder RT (touring version)
Some real life pics :

And the video :

Later i’ll render some HD pics and post them
See you soon!

Here is just a pic with a brighter environment :

The rim on the front tire seems to blend into the tire. Maybe you should change the material of the rubber slightly. Also I think the lamps can use a little work. The orange reflectors seem to dull and the white lights over the wheel seem too bright.