Can an isolate an instance to be able to transform it differently from other instances?

Hey, this is my first time asking on this forum, so i am not sure if this is the right place, as the title states, i have a bunch of cylinders instanced on a bezier curve, and i want one of those instances to be scaled differently than the others, is that possible ? an alternative question can i define a range on the curve were instances on that part of the curve are scaled, translated, or displaced differently than the rest of the instances lying on the rest of that same curve ? thanks

Hello, @Clueless1. Welcome to blenderartists!

For the first question, you can use an index node and a compare node set to equal to select a single instance. Plug this into the selection input of your set position node.

Secondly, the spline parameter node is what you need. Combining this with another compare, you can select instances on part of a curve.

Thank you so much for ur reply, can i bother you and ask for a screen shot for node setup, i am not sure were to connect the set position node TO, or were the compare of the spline parameter will connect to as well.
thank you.

Like this…

Hope that helps


amazing thank you, and thanks everyone for helping

Sorry to bother you again, but, is there a way to make slope like to each side or to one side like a parabola shape ? like to have it scaled on different instances not just one can i control it with like the curve rgb or something ?

Have a look here at the taper group.

oh ! thank you !!