Can any 2D app...


Can any 2D application transform a selection? By this I mean for example if had a selection that was a bottom lip could you transform it from corners down to corners up (a smile)?

I have tried using the path tool in Gimp as a selection tool and then using scale, shear etc but I’m sure you could get a better result.

Any advice appreciated


its not clear what your are trying to do. but there are 2d application like Illastrator which is vector based or the macromeda flash etc they can do that. :smiley:

Photoshop has an option called Liquify. It’s sort of morphing; you can warp, twirl, shrink, move, etc. using different sizes of brushes and different pressures (works also with graphic pen pressure).

I partly used it to make my avatar. Pretty nifty. Don’t know if Gimp as something similar.

It sounds like you are looking for a program like Xmorph but you might not be running linux.

In that case, I would just use Blender and shape keys. You can make a shadeless plane with your image uvmapped on. Then, just keyframe the shapechanges you want.

That looks similar like Winmorph.
With those programs you can morph within one image, but it’s also good for morphing 1 image into a second.

Thanks for your replies.

cool: Sorry I wasn’t clear, what I have is an old UV coloured face map, trying to cut corners I was wanting to transmute parts of it (the shape of the mouth etc) to fit my current basic UV map.

Syrux: Thanks that appears to be what I’m looking for.

Unfortunately it will require downgrading GTK2 which will cause too many conflicts, so I guess I will have to stop being so lazy %| hmmm time for the clone tool me thinks

Thanks again

Btw, can you uprade Photoshop to CS from 5.0?

Are you trying to copy mirrored the botton lip?

Save a copy of your image, rotate the copy 180º, and you have the upper lip. If the colors are left and right fliped use the Flip Tool of Gimp.
Is that it?

MADCello: Thanks for your reply. Not really, I’m trying to adjust the lips using the transform tools (scale, shear, rotate) to fit a different shaped mouth map. The old coloured map has the mouth with the corners turned down, the new map has the corners turned up. When using tools like shear you tend to lose some of the detail of the coloured map, I’m trying to avoid this.
Using the clone tool seems to be the way to go.

For All that are interested Xmorph is available for windows see above link.


Have you try Iwarp under script-fu>distort ?

aye, you can. to cs2, at that.


its rather cheap (only $169)

This will sound silly but I’ve done it and it works:

Open Blender

Clear everything

Create plane, subdivide a bunch of time.

UV map your image to it, set material to emit full

Move vertices in your image (constrained to the 2 axes of the plane) where you want your image to distort

Create orthographic camera with desired resolution, point it at plane to fill frame


Only drawback is you cannot see the picture while moving vertices about. But to add a smile to a photo it shouldn’t be too hard…

Thank you all for furthering my quest

Al_Capone: Thank you so much you are a good man, that was excatly what I was looking for

Bussman: thank you. I’ll try that also