Can anyone tell me how create plastic material in blender? NEED HELP

How to make this sofa to look like
Thankyou, you help is appreciated.

You need a very reflective/shiny/glossy material. You can achieve that by lowering the value of Roughness in the Principle BSDF and bump up the Specular value.

But… You need proper lighting and environment too! Otherwise there won’t be anything to reflect. Place a couple of area lamps and look up a studio HDRi for your environment background (or some other HDRi more suitable).

This is a bit old, but should fit your needs:

(from an old thread in BSE)


You want to use transparency as well as glossiness with a high specularity.
The Pink will need to be driven by a gradient texture node into a mix RGB as the factor and with the pink in one slot…something like this ( in EeVee ).


I will try that, thank you :slight_smile:

I tried it, but some nodes are changed so didnt get the result as excepted

I did this in my project, thanks to you!

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My very similar to Secrops material.With transparent shadow for shadows like in the picture.