can anyone tell me if blender is any good for making clothes


I am a clothes designer and i wish to model clothes for Poser. Is Blender good for doing this and if so can anyone point me to some tutorials…

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are u hoping to do stills or animations?

Blender doesn’t have a full blown cloth simulator but cloth looking material is possible thanks to proportional editing accessable by pressing “o”

umm were working on making clothes in blender but currently its not the easiest like kansas said the proportional edit tool is nice but thats about it… I can say that it has been done before but i’m assumming it killed the artists. If your doing animation someone is working on a cloth-simulation plugin ‘soft something’

I know that it is 3rd party software, and cost quiet a bit of cash, but check out ZBrush2.0!

I use Blender, Photoshop and Zbrush exlcusivly for all my 3d work, and they complement eachother VERY VERY WELL!

Basically Zbrush has proportional editing but on a greater level of use, and you can make a very boxy jacket or pants in blender, export to Zbrush and put in wrinkles, mass under the cloth, details and wavy shapes, creating a really quality piece of clothing very fast. Then you can export it back to blender as a displacement map.

I know this doesn’t help a ton in blender, but if you were ever thinking about getting another program besides blender to help with your modeling, expecially clothes, check out ZBrush!

(I should note while Zbrush is a fantastic still modeler and creates some killer clothing items, it is not an animator, and the clothing will not act like cloth in any animations, but as a static object that you would have to deform with armatures or a plugin

While Z-brush’s conceptual approach sounds interesting (basically, each “Pixol”{tm} includes RGB, and Depth, and Materials…) I have problems understanding how it would be applied successfully when the object in question needs to be built and then viewed in 3D from any angle.

and am trying to learn using it. I also have photoshop…i have imported poser characters into lw8 and broke up the pieces like the legs for boots and the feet for shoesssss…etc…now i am trying to change these to clothing shapes…i have looked for tutorials on making clothing for poser. All i have been able to find is some very good ones for rhino3d…no one seems to have any in lightwave even though michael and victoria were created using lightwave…???..I’ve been posting on renderosity without much luck but you guys seem to be pretty knowledgable…thanks for all the replies. If anyone can point me to tutorials that will help me in lw or even the ones like poserpros has on rhino maybe i can figure it out…

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lightwave comes with a cloth-simulator anyway (motion designer, integrated since v7.0 i think…) why not use this and then simply export/render the deformed cloth-mesh?? don’t like to say that, but it’s true - blender has nothing that makes cloth design easy (modelling, simulating, draping…) LW isn’t the best either, but at least it has a reasonable cloth simulation engine in layout - and deformed meshes can be saved easily, AFAIR.

So i would build the clothes with motion designer…i thought you broke the mesh of the character your creating clothes for to make the clothes…you actually build the clothes around the figure mesh? and you do this in Motion designer and then save that…can you please supply me with anymore info…

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you define a rough cloth mesh. assign a new surface(material) to it. make it slightly bigger then the actual “mannequin”. then load both objects in layout and fire up MD_Controller (Scene tab). … please, read the documentation for details. if is still online, you’ll find for sure the informations you need for that. you can also try the tutorials section on

once you have the desired result, you can either render directly in LW (awesome renderer, the best part of LW IMO) or save the defermed mesh and export it as .OBJ for rendering in blender or whatever renderer you prefer.

hope that helps a little

when you say rough cloth mesh…does this just mean like a square or does it need to wrap around the object?..i am digging hard…just need time to play…you now…trying to make the most of my time by finding someone else with experience.

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no, with rough i mean “not in the final shape” - as motion designer will physically correct calculate the final shape. for best results, use a higher subdivided and triangulated mesh. as i said, make it slightly bigger than the mannequin underneath, make sure there are no intersections - this will lead to incorrect results.



Just clarifying, but the 2.5D(2d paint with depth info) is only part of Z-Brush, it also offers a pretty comprehensive 3d modeling section.

basiclly, by using a tablet or mouse, you can “paint” on depth to vertex’s on a compeltly 3d mesh.

You can also give the 3d mesh up to like 9 million polygons, and then export the details as a Disp map which can be rendered in blender.

When working on a piece of clothing or any 3d object in Zbrush, you can fully rotate it in 3d and play around with it all you want, and export it as a fully 3d model back into blender.

As it happens, I am working on a tutorial or two on making clothes. I hope to have the first one posted later tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Blender is okay for creating clothes. However, that’s not to say it will be easy. Probably one the first things you should check out is MakeHuman, which is sort of like Poser for Blender. It’s not as sophisticated as Poser (yet), but it is good enough to do clothing (IMHO). Plus, it beats creating a human mesh from scratch. After that, I would say wait for my tutorial to appear soon.

The main thing is practice modelling and texturing. And keep an eye on Elysiun. It is an incredibly valuable resource on all sorts of Blender issues.