Can blender be set to use metric units?

Just like the tittle says, can Blender be set to use metric units? I am currently using Blender 2.32. I have determined that the value under “Grid spacing” in the view properties refferes to english units. If the value is set to 1.0, that means that grid spacing is 1.0 inches. I use Blender to design objects for use in X-Plane. I have aquired a python exporter script that allows Blender to output Blend files in X-Plane 7.xx object format. X-Plane used Metric units and since Blender reads values in English units, that causes objects to be enlarged way beyong their actual size. I believe it may help if I can set blender’s unit value system to metric values, a value of 1.0 meaning 1.0 meters instead of 1.0 inches. Anyone know if it is possible to do this?

The only place where Blender uses real world units is for the game engine. In this case, one unit = one meter.

Anyhow, you can change the grid spacing in the View Properties panel (accesible from the View menu in the 3D view header).

You could also add some code in your export script that multiply the units by a constant conversion value.


I dont´t think so…

Blender units are arbitrary.

You can use 1 BU = 1 meter, 1BU = 1km etc.