Can blender create an online store addon just like apple app-store and Google-play store?

Can blender create an online store addon just like apple app-store and Google-play store? Then we can download and update add-ons in this blender online store add-on with one click

I installed some blender add-ons, some from blender market, some from gumroad, some from GitHub, some from blenderartists org, when some add-ons update, I have to track for update information, and update them one by one, so I think if blender can create an official online store addon just like apple app-store and Google play store, then the addon developers can upload and update their addons in the blender addon-store, some add-ons are free, some add-ons with a price, we can download and update these add-ons in blender software with one click,
Furthermore, if it can log in and install the add-ons to blender we used before, when we use another computer or when we use a new blender version, it will be fantastic, just as apple app-store and google-play store, we can log in this blender add-on store, and we installed and updated some add-ons, when sometimes we change another computer, we open blender, install blender online store addon, log in, this online store add-on can download and install all the add-on we used before.

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This question I asked a month ago on BA and devtalk. The answer is No. the reason maybe is like that blender users are not enough can not afforded. and other some like can not supply online service. I guess.

I don’t think blender foundation will do online add-on store like wordpress’s plugins store.

The app store is based on OS , blender is not OS, just a software, and they’re not using GPL. Only Wordpress.

Well. If BF don’t do that . Who should do it ? I think that guy is Blender market.

The grumroad was banned in some countries.

You are professional, I don’t know the code, for me, use blender it feels like to use a 3d computer system, maybe Blender market can make it.

Seems like a good idea. If I were the people running Blender Market, I’d throw an app together.

There’s no universally-recognized, unified marketplace for Blender add-ons and assets like Google Play is for Android and Apple Store is for iOS. I’m not saying that there should be, either - but whichever online Blender store gets really nice mobile apps to us first will gain a real competitive advantage. It won’t make them the only game in town, but they’ll do well enough I suspect.

Because of I clearly know that UI & UX is the big turning point for the development of Blender.
The next is Everything nodes. and Add-on ecosystem will spreed blender up all the world. ,, CGcookie updater can not do that .

I don’t have much more know about blender market team. but I think Blender Market is the best choice for creating blender online market.

How about ask for Ton ? He agree or not ?:rofl:

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I agree with @loveordie, getting track of add-ons updates can be a bit annoying, especially if you have installed many.

I would love to see all my addons updated regulary and automatically (or on demand), in sync with the latest versions from their authors.

The idea of being able to update all our addons as we would do with Linux updates (with repositories) could be interesting too.

There is a solution to check for updates directly from blender: blender add-on updater but AFAIK it only works with add-ons hosted on GitHub.

See also:

Thank you, it is great!

I think part of the problem, is there is no universal standard for updating. If every developer could include cgcookies addon updater in their addons, things would flow a bit better. This way no matter what aggreator the developer uses, the end user can update inside of blender.

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