Can Blender Create Hexahedron Spheres?

Can Blender 2.5 Create “Hexahedron” Spheres? They are a great base for modeling because they are made up of all quads.


Add a subsurf modifier to a cube.


Thanks Richard. That worked well. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

I want the modifier cage to disappear so I can move individual polys. How do I get rid of it?

Just figured it out. Go to Object mode, then press apply. :slight_smile:


Maybe this should be my first attempt at a python script for creating a mesh!

should be more efficient to write a script which creates a cube and the subdivide it with smoothness set to 1.


One more way to add to the list.

Sub-divide a cube a few times and then use the to sphere option (alt+shift+s in edit mode) then drag the mouse, the cube will be deformed into a sphere depending on how much you drag. Also to sphere will take notice of the pivot mode you are in so its possible to switch to 3d cursor pivot mode and the To Sphere command will take notice of the 3d cursor location when carrying out its work.

@ Paint Guy

Tis has been ask so many times to get sphere quit quads
like discoball ect…

do you have the math spherical equations to make this hexaedron sphere

i was checking on this last week to get a quad sphere but could not do it wiht ordinary equations for UVsphere!

but i’ll redo a serach for these hexaedron sphere
this mmight be a good thing to have as a new primitive!
happy 2.5