Can Blender do what I want it to?

Hi All,
Firstly, I’m a complete novice to this, so initially I would just like to know if I can achieve my goal using Blender.

What do I want to do? I want to take a photo and print it onto a pyramid with the top cut off. So there will be 5 sides, the top and 4 sides. To do this I need to print the photo in a ‘german cross’ shape, but I also need to stretch it to fit without losing scale/perspective etc. The idea is that from the front it will look almost 2d, like the original, but if viewed from the side, one side will fade from view. Looking at what Blender is capable of, this seems to me, to be a fairly simple project, provided one knows how to use it, which will be the next step.

So, the question is, can Blender do that and how do I get started. It seems to be beyond the likes of Photoshop, which I’m more used to using.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully it’s not a complete waste of your time. Any advice would be much appreciated, either regards doing this on Blender, or maybe there is a simpler way!

Many thanks,

When you say viewed from the “front”, do you mean the top? You can apply an image without having to UV unwrap your object. Just apply an image texture and in the Mapping panel, leave the coordinates and projection on Generated and Flat (these are the default values.) The image will be projected straight down on the object. It will look normal when viewed from the top, but the sides will appear stretched. Note that the image needs to be square if your pyramid is square. You don’t need to create a German cross.

And what do you mean “fade from view.”

Steve S

Thanks Steve, that’s exactly what I want to do, but I also want to make the physical object, hence my point about printing in the cross shape, to fix it to the object, which then could hang on the wall. I don’t just want to see it on my screen. By fade from view I mean, when standing in front of the actual object, if you move right, then the left side of the pyramid will fall out of your line of sight.

Can your example be exported somehow, so that the image could be applied to an actual pyramid?