Can Blender have batch capturing clips in VSE? Or other way can solve it?

Can Blender have batch capturing clips in VSE? Or other way can solve it?

Here is about the “Batch Capture” in Apple Final Cut Pro user manual:

Batch capturing is useful for the following workflows:

  • When you log all of your tapes first and then select some of your logged clips for capture

  • When you import a batch capture list created in another application

  • When you import an EDL (which becomes a sequence of clips) or a sequence from another Final Cut Pro project, in which the clips’ media files are offline

  • When you want to recapture media files using different video and audio settings (in other words, a different capture preset). For example, during the online phase of offline/online editing, you can recapture low-resolution media at full resolution. See Recapturing Clips.

Thanks 3pointEdit,it’s great. I hope it can export EDL in the future.
Because I am finding a way to edit HD movie in my poor old computer.
First convert original HD clip to low kbps, after finish all edit work, use EDL link to the original HD clip output final product.

If the HD original works in Blender, why not use the Blender proxy feature to create low res assets? Edit in proxy mode render in HD.

Yeah! that’s a good idea. But my harddisk is too small and slowly…
Thanks again.

Well the proxies can be very small at 25% res. You suggest that you are already making your own anyway. Btw creating tc proxies can help playback too.