Can Blender Loop Select and/or Matrix Extrude?

E.g. C4D R11

yes, select faces and extrude among normals. ALT+e

Thanks, Kavilp, very helpful. :grinning: :+1:

Extrude Faces is more what I was trying to do.
But I would have to extrude/rotate/scale many times to get the obj in the video.

It would be great if there was a Blender addon that has the same options as
Matrix Extrude in C4D. I’ll ask for one in Addons.
Also using Elreenys’s Array Tools Addon for similar effect
See this thread

Here is a sample of what I want to do…

Inspired by Anthony Howe’s Kinetic Art

oh you know wthat you can do, take your circle or sphere and delete all the faces except one certain group of faces…do the modeling . and than select the whole thing , use spin tool…and select the other option and do it…however do not mess the origin point
atleast i would have done that way.

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You can also use the array modifier.

“…and select the other option and do it.”
Sorry, not sure what you mean “the other option”.
Can you please do it & post a screenshot or the blend?
BTW, I haven’t tried the Spin Tool yet, but that’s very cool,
and will have to play with it. :smiley: :+1:

This is what I’ve done so far…
Note: each eevee animation is 41 sec long, and changes over time. :wink:

No shadows

With shadows

Move light during animation

WIth hemishere in back to catch shadows

Array Modifier is very limited, and doesn’t have rotate & scale. =(

It has rotation and size via “object offset”. Play with first Empty you can rotate and size the “tentacles”.
array_stack_rotate_size.blend (647.6 KB)

More modifiers, more fun :smiley:
array_stack_rotate_size_funny.blend (652.1 KB)

Yes, it does both.

Can you show me, please? I don’t see the rotate/scale options in the
modifier options…only offset.

Looks like you can rotate/scale if you add an empty, but there are no
options I can see in the Array Modifier to do this directly on the obj. (?)
But good to know, thanks! :+1:

Yes, use an empty as an offset object. Any scale rotation or position change you make in the empty will be reflected on your modifier.

Why should it be?

Why not?
Hope to see someone create an addon like
the awesome Matrix Extrude in C4D.

Also there’s something that possibly does the job. I am not sure: Fractal extruder 03

I would use a solidify modifier with extrusion selecting the faces I want. The example is bad, but you could do something really good with that.

I know it’s not the same thing… But you know? I feel more realized creating a piece that is my work than if it was the work of a plugin or an addon. Plugins and addons can help sometimes, but others only make untalented ppl look like professionals to those who don’t understand the difference.

Thanks, those are just what I wanted, but am not so talented
as you, so will use an addon/plugin if it makes it easier & faster
for me. :smile: :+1:
Appreciate all your help! :smiley:

I don’t say that all ppl who use them are necessarily untalented or anything and I don’t think that they aren’t good to help to achieve many results you have in your mind easily… The problem is that many times the person have no clue of what “he” is doing, but uses a addon that makes a WOW effect that the “professional” in the case has no idea or real control of it.

Outside of our world there are clients, work, and many times they have no idea how to recognize a professional or an addon wow user.

That upsets me a bit. It was not about you.

Yes, I can see how that would be a problem for a professional.
Todo esta bien, mi amigo. :wink: :+1:

Check out this Matrix Extrude ala C4D for Blender addon

created by Xylvier aka Patrick Busch…pretty neat. :grinning: :+1:

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