Can Blender offset face evenly(by distance)?

I want to make a shape like this solid.
I scaled the mesh in the XY direction only(S->Shift+Z) and then joined the two mesh and capped it.
But I found with this method the wall thickness is not even, because the Scale function scale things in proportion.
I want the wall thickness even and the top edges of the inner and outer meshes flush.

Is there a way I can offset faces or vertices by distance in a case like this?


Ctrl A > Scale in Object Mode to apply scale and fix the thickness issue

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Thank you!
I think I didn’t make myself clear, English is a little bit hard for me…
The scale is correct, not stretched.
I think the uneven result of my case is correct and unavoidable as long as the face offsetting method is by proportion, not distance.
I wonder if there is a way can help me offset mesh this shape by distance, so the final result has even wall thickness.

Maybe first give it the shape with no thickness, then extrude along normals or give it a Solidify modifier, you’ll next need to apply the modifier and slide the inner circle to align it with the top:

Edit: Mmh still not completely satisfying though

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Thank you very much!
This is indeed the correct way.
But it is not a very good way for me, since I do it many times.
I make things in Blender for 3D printing so I need to get even wall thickness for my models.

Edit: no it seems about good actually
here is the slide (GG) toalign to the top faces, press C to extend:


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You could start with a CONE and set top radius…then delete bottom face…select bottom edge loop and extrude Z…fill the bottom…
Add a SOLIDIFY modifier and set your thickness…It will eliminate all the problems…