Can blenders outliner panel be reorganized ?.

I have a question, when working with larger scenes, Blenders outliner panel becommes full of mesh names etc.

Is it possible to group them there ?.
So for example i might create a group for People, under it sub groups for each character.
And so i could also make a group like for examble, living room containing meshes for the living room.
While another group coud be about all outdoor things perhaps or so

Look at the top of the outliner. There’s a bit that by default says “All Scenes” up there. It’s a dropdown menu. Change it to “Groups”.

yes but that is for object groups, who are grouped, i wonder if there is a way to create your own tree structure in it, moving branches; just to move anything in a different structure.

I dont think so, but you can give them prefix letters.
They will stay grouped together according to the prefix letter.

What you described in your original question is indistinguishable from object groups. If you meant something like outliner-only groups, there is no such thing.

The best way to group objects in the outliner is to use emptu to group them.

An empty is like a group in Maya for exemple.

Yeah, you can add an empty, give it a name, then just drag and drop the objects in the outliner on top of the empty and it will create a group.
Probably a better way than prefix letters…