Can' get ghost glare

I’m following a tutorial here: He adds a glare light in the scene. I thought I followed his directions correctly, but I can’t get the ghost glare he does. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

From the tutorial:

This is the glare I get:

Blend file:

(For some reason, the blend file I uploaded doesn’t show the mountain texture when I render it. I packed all in blend external data before I uploaded. And the materials seem to be with the uploaded blend file. Anyway, I don’t think this will hinder someone from seeing my problem with the sun glare.)

It’s because of the placement of the sun. If you use translate node before glare node to move the sun where it is in the tutorial you see a similar effect.
Either move the sun in the scene or come up with another way to create an effect you like.

Move the sun to one side of the camera view as in the tutorial

Thanks. I didn’t know the sun had to come from an angle to the camera to get the ghost glare. I got it now.